Once again the shine has come upon M&C Group. We have the honour, immense joy and immeasurable opportunity to receive one of the Prestigious Awards in Africa, the “African Group of the Decade” Award.
The T.W.A.R.M. Business and Leadership Awards which is organized by TARJ Events is a platform that encourages and facilitates business engagement, investment and networking among countries in the Continent and with various Global Regions. The forum and trade fair brings together African Enterprises and advocates the showcasing of African-made products across the forum, exhibition and awards ceremony to acknowledge excellence in this domain.
This accolade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and the relentless pursuit of a mission to make a deep impact on the African Continent.
This award cannot be just a recognition of our achievements but a celebration of the collective efforts of our dedicated team. The trust and support of our valued Clients and the acknowledgment of the esteemed organizers of this distinguished award.
We are obliged to thank Our Valued Clients because our journey over the past decade has been marked by the incredible partnerships we have forged with them. The trust in us, the collaborative spirit and the invaluable feedback always offered in the course of business have been instrumental in shaping our success.
Therefore this award is dedicated to our Cherished Clients and we are greatly indebted to such a wonderful family that our business collaboration has built.
We are really grateful. Additionally, our Remarkable Team too has been significant in this . We acknowledge them for the countless efforts that they contunue to churn out.
The heart of M&C GROUP beats through the dedication and expertise of their incredibility as each member of the team has still been contributing tirelessly to the Group’s growth and success.
We believe that the strength of the Group will continue to lie in the passion and commitment that formed its structures. They are urged to remain hardworking, creative and dedicate themselves to innovation and vision.

To the Organizers of the Award, T.W.A.R.M. Business and Leadership Awards, we are grateful for recognizing our efforts and achievements. The award had come, not only to inspire but for us to strive for greater heights so as to highlight the importance of acknowledging and celebrating excellence in Africa.

Our Commitment to the Future

This award is not just a milestone but a promise. We pledge to continue our pursuit of excellence, innovation, and positive change on the African continent. We remain devoted to serving our clients with the highest level of dedication and providing them with innovative solutions which drive success.
As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we also reflect on the opportunities and responsibilities that lie ahead. We look forward to the next decade with even greater enthusiasm and dedication.

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