“By their fruits, they shall be known.” So has it been said in the most universally accepted Book. Once again, another feat has been chalked by the hard working Group Chairman, Mr. Michael Leslie Bartlett-Vanderpuye of M&C Group (GLOBAL) at the Business Executives Awards ceremony.

The yearly event which is set aside to honour outstanding leaders in industry took place on Saturday16th December at the Marriot International Hotel. 

Business Executives Awards is an established event that looks through industry  and meticulously come out with those whose contribution have been significant and benefitting society.

Among 100 most influential personalities the Business Executives’ lenses caught the M&C Group Chairman for his tremendous input to industry.

The Business Executive  “100 Most Influential People” award program is crafted to publicly acknowledge individuals whose actions and achievements have made a significant and lasting impact on Ghana. The event was on the theme ‘Collective Collaboration in Transforming Ghana’s Economy for a Better Future.’

The recognition is one of industry’s highest honours. It puts a spotlight on leaders including Mr. Bartlett-Vanderpuye making great difference in the business industry. Honours for hardwork and consistency in industry go a long way to inspire and encourage those in the sector, it is therefore not surprising that recognition is not denied deserved leaders.

With dedication, vision and relentless pursuit of excellence efforts in raising industry standard in the country will not be far-fetched.

Mr. Michael Leslie Bartlett-Vanderpuye’s journey is one of resilience and determination. From humble beginnings to leading a prestigious organization, his path has been marked by strategic decisions and innovative ideas that have significantly contributed to industries. His inclusive and progressive leadership style has won the respect and admiration of many. This acknowledgment highlights his significant influence in determining the direction of the business landscape.

The Business Fraternity will always cherish the leadership style of personalities whose exploits brandish and make inroads in decision making efforts of others. M&C Group (Global) is opportuned to have a leadership that is always on pathfinding missions towards great achievements. 

Celebrating this achievement, staff members and workers are inspired and with one accord will continually offer full support to the leadership of the Group as the values that are pivots will stand at all times to make endless impact on the country.

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