Once again, The Business fraternity became charged  in a night of glamour, recognition and celebration which was unfolded at The annual Ghana Business Awards, a beacon of excellence, bringing together the crème de la crème of various industries. They were honoured for their remarkable achievements that climaxed the main objective of the Awards.  Firms and businesses that have pushed their industry forward with achievements in sustainability, operations, innovations among other things were commended. This report seeks to capture the highlights, unforgettable moments and undying spirit of excellence that the event embodies.

The 6th Ghana Business Awards, held on the 11th of November 2023 at the Prestigeous Kempinski Hotel in Accra saw a grand celebration of business excellence and innovation. Atmosphere in the evening was filled with satisfying pride as businesses and their owners across different sectors were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. From young startups making a difference in their local communities, to large corporate entities driving national economic growth. The diversity of Awardees was a testament to the vibrant business landscape in Ghana. The awards not only celebrated their achievements but also set a benchmark for any other to aspire.

For the third time in a row, M&C Logistics And Trading Limited was honoured with the “Trading Company of The Year” Award for standing out in the TRADING sector. The ceremony saw M&C Logistics And Trading rise above its peers owing to its exceptional performance and significant contributions to the Ghanaian trading industry. The Award is a Testament to the Company’s dedication to excellence and its unwavering commitment to fostering economic growth in Ghana.

M&C Logistics And Trading, an Esteemed name in Ghana’s Trading Industry, offers a comprehensive range of services. It specializes in the smooth and hassle-free Import and Export of goods such as Coffee, Rice, Sugar and Gold. Its expertise extends to clearing goods at the port, navigating through complex processes with ease. In the realm of Commodity Trading, M&C Logistics And Trading Limited stands out for its excellence in service, making it a reliable partner for businesses.

The Group Chairman of M&C Group, Mr. Michael Leslie Bartlett-Vanderpuye was also honoured with the “Excellence in Business” Award for his exceptional leadership and contribution to the business sector. His innovative approach and commitment to excellence has driven M&C Group to the forefront of the Sector, particularly in Gold Trading which spans over a long period of time. This award is a well-deserved recognition of his remarkable achievement and the positive impact he has made globally.

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