The impact of CORONA VIRUS is being felt across the world and M&C Group is no exception. From the shutting down of Schools, holding of Conferences, Workshops, Funerals, Weddings, Political Rallies, Sporting Events and Religious Activities to Working from homes, Firms not excluding M&C Group are taking precautionary measures. Well scrutinized Visits and Travels around the globe are likely to be restricted. This is likely to affect economic activities.

As the outbreak of the Coronavirus continues to extend and infect, it is imperative that we observe and adhere to measures for protection to forestall its spread. M&C Group (Global) deals with Clients around the world, therefore in order to limit or better still avoid contracting or transmitting the virus, Clients, members of the public and our own staff members are implored to be circumspect and carry themselves protectively in all circumstances.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have been affected by this destructive influx which we pray that it is not of any divine retribution and wish them full recovery. M&C Group (Global) hereby appreciates efforts of all devoted Health Personnels and Governments working assiduously to containing the pandemic. It is our wish that a potent vaccine is researched on and produced for cure.

The Government of Ghana has established a Coronavirus precautional measures. See link below for details.

Click here.

We continue to monitor this situation closely and recommend you monitor the AGDH website to ensure you are aware of any other countries including neighbouring countries that may be added. These arrangements will remain in place until further notice and I thank you for your understanding. For information on Department of Justice services visit the COVID-19 – Coronavirus update for Department of Justice at their websit.

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