M&C Group has embraced the role of sponsor for Latif Abubakari’s stage play, “Life is a Dream.” By sponsoring this production, M&C Group demonstrates their dedication to the arts and acknowledges the talent and artistic vision of Latif Abubakari. This sponsorship enables the realization of creative endeavors and contributes to the growth and promotion of theatrical arts. It also creates opportunities for audiences to engage with thought-provoking storytelling and the performing arts. The Group’s objective is to provide a platform for artistic expression and cultural enrichment while supporting the overall development of the arts community. They strive to nurture creativity, foster collaboration, and encourage the exploration of diverse narratives on the stage.

The conference center hosted a total of four shows, which were graced by the presence of distinguished guests such as His Excellency Javier Gutierrez, the Ambassador of Spain to Ghana, and Her Excellency Samira Bawumia, the Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana.

The Group recognized the valuable opportunity to engage in networking, present their products and services, and establish connections with potential clients and industry experts. They actively seized this chance to expand their network, highlight their offerings, and build relationships with key individuals in the industry.

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