Africa’s Most Respected CEO in Minerals/Metals Extraction awardee is the Group Chairman of M&C Group (Global), Mr. Michael Leslie Bartlett-Vanderpuye. The first ‘Africa’s Most Respected CEOs Awards’ is the largest awards scheme instituted by The Business Executives. It is an award scheme that identifies and publicly recognizes the Top Corporate Chiefs across the globe.

Mr. Bartlett-Vanderpuye won by popular vote and the award was conferred on him at the Unique Pan African Awards Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Saturday, 17th July, 2021. In the quest to facilitate trade and promote development, the Group Chairman of M&C Group (Global) practices leadership by service and believes there are no shortcuts in life.

“As an entrepreneur, every platform is an opportunity to increase my clientele”. “I have a vision which I am still nurturing, a vison to take Africa to the world”, he intimated. Mr. Michael Leslie Bartlett-Vanderpuye, KUDOS TO YOU FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT.

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